URGENT !!!!!! Sales Tax Update!!!!!

In an unprecedented move, and without any public hearing or any public input, the Connecticut General Assembly has just passed a new sales tax on car wash services, including both full service and coin-operated washes, effective July 1st(Sec. 75 of Public Act No. 15-244).

This new sales tax was hatched by a few insiders in a back room, buried in the large budget and budget-implementing bill and then rammed through in the middle of night. Despite significant lobbying by many members of the Connecticut Carwash Association (CCA) the Legislative Leadership and the Governor both declined to support our industry.

The leadership of the CCA has retained counsel and will be meeting with a number of administrative officials over the next few days to assess and report back on the logistics of the implementation of the new tax.

We will be issuing alerts as soon as we receive them from Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.

Bob Rossini, CCA President

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Keep checking back for updates as the specifics of this tax unfold.

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